A&T Elevates Service Excellence by “Bringing the Aggie Experience to Life”

05/05/2023 Employees

EAST GREENSBORO, N.C. (May 5, 2023) – North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is embarking on training its frontline staff and managers through a new customer service initiative, “Bringing the Aggie Experience to Life.”

The university incorporated this initiative in its recently unveiled “Preeminence 2030: North Carolina A&T Blueprint.” This latest strategic plan, which builds on A&T’s growth as a doctoral, research university and 1890 land-grant institution, frames the university’s ambitions through 2030 around five new goals in transformative engagement, leadership and innovation, performance excellence, collaborative and inclusive culture and responsive, impactful scholarship.

A&T defines the Aggie Experience as the root of its organizational culture of excellence. Launched in 2022, an institutional initiative of the same name recognizes the university’s commitment to creating a liberating and empowering experience for all, as well as a university environment that speaks to Aggies’ right to be the very best.

“The Aggie Experience requires that we apply our core values of responsibility, excellence, integrity, inclusiveness and learning in advancing the university. It demands that we serve, treat and teach each other with respect,” said Chancellor Harold L. Martin Sr. “It also demands that we use feedback for continuous improvement in business processes and implement best practices in our work throughout our university. We must measure our efficacy in the range of strategies that are critically important to meeting our standard of excellence.”

In collaboration with campus leaders, frontline staff and managers across the university will receive facilitated training May 18-19 and share what they learn with other faculty and staff to enhance service excellence within their respective departments.

Those who participate in the two-day training will leave with increased confidence in their customer service skills, heightened abilities to handle a wide variety of service situations and the capability to train others on a host of topics. The program's first participants have already been invited.

This initiative aligns with North Carolina A&T Blueprint, which “embraces the university’s vision of transforming lives through teaching and learning, civic outreach, interdisciplinary research and innovative solutions to global challenges.”

Through its ambitious new strategic plan, A&T – now in its ninth year as the nation’s largest historically Black college or university – will answer calls to service in a spirit of agency that centers Aggies as influencers, knowledge producers and thought leaders.

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