College of Engineering

Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

The Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) Department is a uniquely interdisciplinary association of faculty and students with complementary interests and expertise. The CAEE Department is committed to quality teaching, research, and advising. The department takes great pride in preparation of students to excel in their professional careers. The department encompasses two undergraduate programs:

The undergraduate degrees in Civil and Architectural Engineering have a common interest in structures and construction engineering. Dual degrees are possible in Architectural and Civil Engineering. These dual degree programs typically require additional two semesters of course work.

The department also administers a combined graduate program that awards Masters Degree in Civil Engineering (MSCE). The Masters Degree focuses on three major areas: Civil Infrastructures; Water/Environment; and Architectural Eng. (Building Energy). We invite prospective applicants to visit the departmental website to discover more about the department academic and research areas.

CAEE Student Handbook

Manoj K. Jha, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Interim
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
McNair 448