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Grade Appeal

Students appealing a final grade in a course should first attempt to informally resolve the matter with the instructor of the course. If no resolution is obtained with the instructor, then the student should attempt to resolve the matter with the department chair and/or dean of the college for the course in which the grade was received. If these efforts of conciliation do not resolve the dispute, the student should complete a copy of the grade appeals form and submit it (with supporting documentation) to the chairperson of the Grade Appeal Committee (GAC) to request a meeting. The form may be obtained from the department Student Services Coordinator or department chairperson.

After receiving the form, the GAC chairperson will (within 5 business days) seek to schedule a date for the meeting. Once the meeting has been scheduled, the chairperson will notify the student, the instructor and department chair of the scheduled date and time of the meeting.

Both the student and the instructor are required to attend the meeting and asked to bring all supporting materials. These materials may include graded tests, papers, and projects; extra credit and homework assignments; participation reports and attendance records; and any other information reflecting the student’s academic performance in the course.

Neither the student nor the instructor may bring a support person to the meeting. The goal is to resolve the issue upon hearing evidence provided by the two parties involved. Support persons such as best friends, parents, and spiritual leaders will not be allowed to attend the meeting.

After hearing the information provided by both parties, the GAC chairperson will dismiss the student and instructor from the meeting and the GAC will deliberate and seek to reach a decision. If a decision is reached, the GAC chairperson will draft a written recommendation (within three business days) and forward to the GAC members for review. The committee members will have two business days to respond with edits (if needed) to the written recommendation. After the two business days provided to the committee members, the GAC chairperson will forward the written recommendation to the college dean. Once received, the college dean will respond within seven days with his or her final decision in writing to the GAC chairperson.  After receiving the recommendation from the college dean, the GAC chairperson will forward the recommendation to the student, instructor and department chairperson.  If a grade change is needed, the GAC chairperson will send a separate email to the instructor and chairperson for the appropriate action.