International Opportunities

The profession of engineering has been transformed by the globalization of the world economy.

U.S. based engineers need to engage in engineering design, planning, and maintenance activities with partners across the globe. This requires greater understanding and sensitivity to other cultures.

The College of Engineering through the Office of International Programs currently offers several options to prepare students for long-term careers in a global engineering profession.

  • Study Abroad Programs. In the past few years engineering students studied in Hong Kong, South Korea, Spain, Ghana, Costa Rica, Australia and Brazil.
  • Academic Enrichment Programs – these are short trips abroad (less than 2 weeks), usually faculty-led, for which academic credit may or may not be received. These include study tours abroad imbedded in academic courses for credit and spring break travel overseas that does not include academic credit.
  • Other Educational Opportunities Abroad - these opportunities can be credit bearing or non-credit bearing. Credit can be provided by the program provider or the professor of record at A&T who supervises and provides the grade.

1)      Research Abroad (scholarships may be provided by research grants)

2)      Service Learning

3)      Internships

For more information, please visit the Office of International Affairs.