Five Year Readmission Policy

Any previously enrolled undergraduate student who has not been enrolled at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University for at least five years (10 consecutive fall and spring semesters) may be eligible for one readmission under the “Five-Year Readmission Policy.” To be eligible for this policy, the student must be eligible for readmission under the policy “Readmission of Former Students” and must be capable of completing their degree requirements within a reasonable time.

 Under the “Five-Year Readmission Policy”, only previously taken courses in which a grade of ‘D’ or better was earned will be counted toward graduation. The computation of the cumulative GPA for students who are readmitted under this policy will begin at the time enrollment is resumed after readmission. This policy will not, however alter the student’s original academic record. If admitted under this policy, the student will return under an academic probation status and must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or greater.

 All students readmitted under this policy, in consultation with their academic advisor, must develop an Academic Plan of Action (APA) for the first semester that they are readmitted. The student, the academic advisor, the academic unit’s retention coordinator and the Office of Enrollment Management will receive copies of the APA for information and monitoring compliance.

 The decision to seek readmission under the “Five-Year Readmission Policy” must be made by the student at the time they seek readmission to the University. Once made, that decision is irrevocable.