Declaring a Major, Double Major, or Minor

A student is required to declare a major at or before completing 45 semester hours. Students will not be allowed to register for the next semester if a major is not declared. Students who desire to obtain a double major must file a double major form in the Office of the Registrar. Students who have double majors which involve two departments or two colleges/schools, must satisfy the major requirements for each department or college/school. To graduate with a double major, students must complete requirements for both majors during the same semester or summer they plan on graduating.

Minors are offered in a field for which there is a corresponding major or authorized undergraduate certificate program. An academic minor shall consist of at least 18 credit hours in an area apart from the major concentration of the students’ baccalaureate degree program. A minimum of 12 of the 18 minor credits must be in courses at the 200 level or above. A student must complete at least 24 hours of academic credits before declaring a minor and must have a minimum GPA of 2.00. A student may have no more than two minors regardless of the students major. The minor may be printed on the transcript, but not the diploma.

Course of Study

A student should refer to the requirements of their respective department or school about his/her program of study and confer with their advisor whenever problems arise.  The student is expected to follow the program outlined as closely as possible.  This is very important during the first two years when he or she is satisfying basic degree requirements and prerequisites for advanced work. 

* Undecided majors must declare a major once 45 hours have been attempted