It is strongly recommended that employees refrain from travel until vaccinated. If traveling and not vaccinated, employees are subject to CDC Guidelines on testing, mask wearing, quarantine, etc. Unvaccinated students who are approved for university travel will be tested on return to the campus and quarantined if needed.

Student athletes will follow NCAA COVID-19 protocols. Band members will be held to the same standards as student athletes.

International travel is subject to approval by chancellor, provost or chancellor’s designee. Domestic travel will follow normal approval procedures for vaccinated individuals.

UNC System Guidance

This memorandum updates guidance to UNC constituent institutions and affiliated entities on university related travel.

Domestic Travel (within North Carolina and the United States)

COVID-19 restrictions on university related domestic travel previously issued by the UNC System Office are rescinded. University personnel should continue to follow the latest CDC guidance on domestic travel: Domestic Travel During COVID-19 | CDC. In particular, the CDC recommends that domestic travel should be delayed until the individual is fully vaccinated. For those individuals not fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends wearing a face covering, getting tested for COVID-19 1-3 days prior to the trip and within 3-5 days upon return, and self-quarantining for 7 full days after travel (10 days if not tested upon return).

Foreign Travel (outside the United States)

Because the severity of COVID-19 conditions still vary internationally, foreign travel remains restricted to travel approved by the chancellor, provost or the chancellor’s designee(s) upon determination that the foreign travel is essential for academic research or university business. In the limited instances where foreign travel is approved, university personnel should continue to follow the latest CDC guidance on international travel: International Travel During COVID-19 | CDC. In addition, institutions must continue to monitor and follow U.S. Department of State restrictions on international travel.

Upon return, students, faculty, and staff may be asked to self-quarantine. The travel exception process is a preliminary step to, not in lieu of, the standing travel authorization process. Approvers are expected to review, and approve or deny, travel authorization requests per their normal standard operating procedures. Approved exception requests should be uploaded into Chrome River as part of the required documentation. Approval of travel exceptions may be revoked or adjusted at any time as deemed appropriate by university leadership due to changes in risk locally, the area in which travel is planned, and travel conveyances; and will be communicated to the traveler as appropriate.

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