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Data Science and Engineering Catch up on the Big Data Revolution

High-performance Computing Learn how to use Supercomputers

Interdisciplinary Research in Complex Systems Use Computations to Understand and Change the World

Faculty and students in CDSE conduct research in the following core areas:
In addition, CDSE Faculty and Students apply computational methods to conduct research in the following applications
  • Optimization, management, and reliability of critical infrastructure systems; energy and power systems
  • Geo-systems remote sensing
  • E-commerce; supply chain; Computational Finance and econometric modeling
  • Energy and power network modeling, analysis, and simulation
  • Physics-based process, transport, phenomenological and computational modeling
  • Computational Chemistry – Molecular dynamics, atomistic modeling/simulations; Atomistic and quantum modeling and simulation
  • Computer-aided modeling, design and grid generation. Computational geometry
  • Computational physics: electromagnetics, acoustics, fluid dynamics, and multi-scale/multi-physics modeling