What can an MS or PhD Student in CDSE Expect? 

The MS in Data Science and Engineering, and the PhD in Computational Data Science and Engineering programs have been designed with the following objectives:

  • To lead graduate students to a mastery of data science and engineering, high-performance computing, and interdisciplinary computing-enabled research and development skills. 
  • To equip students with state-of-the-art skills in computational modeling, programming, simulation and visualization.
  • To educate and train students in obtaining computational solutions to problems of high dimensions or involving large datasets in variety of fields ranging from the basic sciences like physics and biology to business and economics
  • To increase the diversity of graduate professionals, especially underrepresented minority and African Americans available to work in the Computational Data Science and Engineering field.
  • To graduate students who will lead and contribute the economic growth and education in the State of North Carolina and the Nation.