College of Engineering

Master of Science in Data Science and Engineering


The MS in Data Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary graduate program designed for students who seek to acquire computational and data science and engineering skills that allow them to tackle difficult problems in big-data, big-computation, and big systems.  

The MS program offers its students various options:

  • A Course-Only option designed to help students who want to graduate in one year. 
  • A Systems-Engineering concentration under the Course-Only Option designed for students and professionals who would like to hone systems-level thinking in addition to acquiring important computational skills
  • A Project Option designed to give students a wide range of computational and data science and engineering skills and to enable them to graduate in 1 or 1.5 years.
  • A Thesis Option designed to give students computational skills as well as research skills on tackling open-ended problems.  
All these options will be an excellent preparation for our PhD in Computational Data Science and Engineering program. 

Admission Requirements for the M.S. Degree 

To Apply

Departmental requirements: An approved Bachelor of Science or Engineering degree with a minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00 is required.  A working knowledge of statistics, matrices, or linear algebra, and experience in programming are desirable.   

Graduate School requirements: Applicants to the M.S. Program must comply with the requirements for admission as specified by the School of Graduate Studies for all M. S. programs. In particular, they must comply with:

  1. The TOEFL requirement (for students whose native language is not English);
  2. Requirements regarding official transcripts for all college-level academic work;
  3. Requirements regarding Letters of Recommendation; and
  4. Completing an Application and paying all application fees

Other Requirements:

  1. The Applicant is expected to provide a “Statement of Purpose” in the context of pursuing the M.S. in Data Science and Engineering
  2. An applicant requesting financial aid is strongly encouraged to provide a resume.