Freshmen Parking Permits

All students with 30 or more completed credit hours are eligible to park vehicles on campus. Vehicles must be registered with Parking and Transportation Services. Parking permits must be displayed at all times.

Incoming Freshmen

Incoming Freshmen Incoming freshmen residing on campus are not permitted to purchase a permit or park on campus. On-campus freshmen who have a medical need or off-campus employment must obtain approval from the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement. Parking Permit Requests may be completed and submitted via 1891Connect (with all the necessary supporting documents uploaded with the request).

How to Submit a Parking Request

Parking request approvals are processed via 1891Connect. If you do not have an account currently you will need to follow the steps below to do so:

To Create an 1891Connect Account

  1. Go to 1891Connect
  2. To activate your 1891Connect account, you will utilize your OneID information.
  3. Once your account has been created, search for Forms to find the Parking Permit Request.


Submitting the Parking Request Form

Students not eligible to park on campus and have a need (medical or off-campus employment) must submit an unofficial transcript (in its entirety) showing that you are currently registered for classes and do not meet the credit hours. You can retrieve a copy of your unofficial transcript through Aggie Access, if you have your Banner ID.

Please submit the following:
  • An unofficial transcript
  • A current letter of employment (on official letterhead, including your supervisor's contact phone number, business e-mail, and signature)
  • A check stub within the past 30-days

Please submit the following:
  • An unofficial transcript
  • A letter from your physician within the past 30-days outlining your need for transportation  (on official letterhead, including your doctor's contact phone number, business e-mail, and signature)

Please wait at least *72 hours (3 business days) to receive an email informing you of a decision (decisions may include Approved, Deferred, or Denied).

If approved, Parking Services will be notified at the same time and you will be cleared to purchase a parking permit.  Go to Parking & Transportation Services located in Obermeyer Parking Deck 102 Laurel Street or visit Parking & Transportation Services to purchase your parking permit.  Parking Services can be reached at (336)285-2027 or

*During the beginning of the semester, due to the high volume of requests received, please allow a minimum of (5) business days from the date of submission to receive a decision. 

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