Community Service and Volunteerism

Volunteerism is a voluntary act of an individual or group, giving freely of their time and talents in service to the community.  To volunteer, you can connect with one of our partners or with a campus organization.

Aggies Volunteer

As you begin to think about your community service plan consider getting involved in one of the following ways:

Possible Individual Opportunities

  • Affiliate Partner Opportunities: Opportunities that emphasize awareness, service, and civic responsibility.
  • Collaborative Partner Opportunities: Opportunities that align with our mission and focus areas:  Education, Economic Development, Food Insecurity, Health, Housing, and Political Awareness.
  • The Aggie Rack: The Aggie Rack is a professional clothing closet that provides FREE professional attire to help students prepare, build confidence and succeed in career fairs, interviews, networking events, and the workplace.
  • The Aggie Food Pantry: A non-perishable food and personal hygiene pantry.  It is a short-term supplemental resource and service designed to minimize the effect of financial adversity by reducing the food and personal care insecurity of NC A&T students.  This service supports the basic needs of students with economic hardship as well as those bereft of adequate resources that foster health and engagement.

Possible Organization Opportunities


To find additional information on service opportunities, please visit GivePulse.  Here our partners provide detailed information about their organizations, their service needs, and project information.


Individuals Participating in Community Service Activities

The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement (OLCE) makes every attempt to keep you posted on various opportunities for you to get involved in the community through our weekly newsletter. Within the weekly newsletter, there are posts provided that take you directly to the community organization’s respective website and/or contact email that is not affiliated with the service offered through OLCE.

While we do our best to filter all opportunities, we do not endorse the organizations listed in the newsletter, their websites, or any views expressed by them. OLCE merely provides this newsletter as a courtesy for students interested in finding community service and volunteer work.

Please contact the organization directly for more information and details about the service opportunity (contact information is provided in the individual announcements).

If you choose to participate in any of the listed activities within the newsletter, be sure to track your service hours by adding an Impact on GivePulse. Your Verifier will be the contact person identified in the announcement or designated contact at the organization. OLCE does not approve any Impacts/Service hours not coordinated through the office.

  • To add an Impact (term used on GivePulse for service hours) visit
  • Once signed in (ensure that you or your group have an account) click under the "My Activity" tab at the top of the page and click Impacts.
  • Search for the agency/group/service event where you completed the service activity. (If the agency, group or service isn't showing click "Can't find it?" and fill out the activity/ service information.
  • Complete the form with as much information as possible including the Verifier. The Verifier is the coordinator of the opportunity and/or the person designated by the organization to approve service hours. The Verifier is the person that can vouch for your service at the organization. Include pictures, a reflection and any documentation, if possible, to indicate your participation. Note: you will need the Verifier’s email.
  • GivePulse will send the Verifier an email for approval.

For more information about inputting Impacts on GivePulse, please do not hesitate to contact your Civic and Service-Learning Program Coordinator, Ms.LeKeshia Franklin. We encourage you to take advantage of our monthly GivePulse training sessions. Please contact the Civic and Service-Learning at 336-285-2712 for additional information about training sessions.

For Volunteer Opportunities, please contact:
The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement
LeKeshia Franklin, Assistant Director & Coordinator of Civic and Service-Learning 
Student Center, Suite 348 | 336-285-2712 |