Political Engagement

The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement (OLCE) is dedicated to enhancing the University’s civic footprint through active political participation. We encourage students, faculty, and staff in civic learning, political activism, and education. OLCE offers a combination of support, advocacy, education, and empowerment that advances the campus’ engagement in the process of democracy. We aim to build strong campus collaborations, interdepartmental alliances, and community partnerships that garner programs engaging students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the community in meaningful political conversations and instill electoral engagement as a priority throughout the campus community and beyond district lines.

OLCE acknowledges that the system is not perfect, but we believe the integrity of our nation’s democracy is enhanced when ALL citizens are activated to action and informed about the political process, the issues of today and the long-term impact of their political decisions on local, state and federal levels. We aim to foster the development of political efficacy, responsibility and political skills that will increase active involvement. The ultimate goals of our efforts is increased political participation at the polls, state and local meetings, and in activism.

The Coalition unites students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community organizations with a vested interest in improving campus engagement in the process of democracy and civic involvement. The coalition operates in the manner of an advisory board; and is a hub for synergistic efforts and support of strategic initiatives to increase the turnout of informed and empowered voters in the campus community. Members are divided into six workgroups that drive the work of our current Civic Engagement Action Plan (CEAP). They meet regularly to develop actionable initiatives that foster expanding the political lens past casting the ballot. The CEAP is built on four strategic cornerstones: Institutionalization, Programming, Culture, and Partnerships.

Civic Engagement Fellows/Ambassadors work collectively to organize campus-wide civic and voter engagement initiatives. They are charged with keeping the student body informed on current voter information as well as developing meaningful alliances across campus. They work closely with the political-based registered student organizations and the SGA’s Political Action Committee to coordinate collaborative efforts to educate and engage the campus. Fellows and ambassadors are sponsored by their respective organization and are paid a stipend per semester to facilitate programs that excite and activate their peers to be more politically engaged and informed at the polls.
Sponsoring organizations include:
  • Andrew Goodman Foundation
  • Black Voters Matter
  • Campus Election Engagement Project
  • Campus Vote Project
  • Democracy NC
  • NC Black Alliance
  • National HBCU Alumni Associations Foundation/You Can Vote
  • Ask Every Student/Students Learn Student Vote

All members of the campus community are encouraged to vote and stay engaged in the political process at the national, state, and local level. Get to know your elected officials and let them know where you stand on issues.

For information on becoming a Civic Champion, please contact the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement at 336-334-7792 or olce@ncat.edu.

To contact the Political Engagement Coordinator, please contact: 
The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement
Student Center, Suite 348 | 336-334-7792 | olce@ncat.edu