The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement (OLCE) seeks to build strong, sustainable partnerships throughout Greensboro and the greater Central Piedmont region. Partnerships include organizations and interest groups that address local, national, and global community needs as well as provide our students opportunities to engage as active citizens.

The University and OLCE are concerned about the issues affecting the local community (specifically East Greensboro). OLCE's Six Societal Stimuli are Economic Development, Education, Hunger, Housing, Health, and Political Awareness.

Partner Types and Benefits

Offer opportunities for our students to get connected in the community through service and/or civic engagement that may not align directly with OLCE's Six Societal Stimuli.
Benefits of being an Affiliate Partner:
  • One advertisement a month in our weekly newsletter.
  • Opportunity to recruit student volunteers for events, projects, programs, and activities as well as for organization internships.
  • Invitation to our annual “Spiritual Enlightenment and Community Partner Fair.”

Collaborative Partners offer mission-aligned opportunities focused on at least one of OLCE's Six Societal Stimuli. Collaborative Partners work cooperatively with OLCE to create opportunities for the campus to get actively involved in the pressing issues of our immediate community or extension thereof.

Benefits of being a Collaborative Partner:

  • Listed on the OLCE website with a link to your agency’s website.
  • Listed in our weekly newsletter until the event expiration or completion.
  • Will work with Coordinator to help identify student organizations on different collaborations.
  • Opportunity to be considered in “A Day of Service” and other campus-wide community service opportunities.
  • Access to LEADS in service with direct contact to participate in the "Month of Service."
  • Departmental stamp on all communications identifying the agency as a Collaborative Partner.


Please contact the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement at 336-334-7792 or to become a Partner.


GivePulse is our online community partner provider.  Here our partners can provide detailed information about their organizations, their service needs, and create project information. 

Create a GivePulse Account
To learn more about service opportunities, please contact:
The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement
Student Center, Suite 348 | 336-334-7792 |
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