How to Waive or Provide Proof of Insurance

Please see the steps below to provide proof of insurance and request an insurance waiver:

  1. You cannot waive or enroll until AFTER you have registered for 6 or more credit hours.
  2. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL (SPAM AND INBOX) - You will be sent an email once you are eligible to waive/enroll if you cannot waive or enroll initially.
  3. Go to StudentBlueNC. You MUST go to the Student Blue Website to waive or enroll (no exceptions).
  4. Please click WAIVE if you would like to waive the insurance. Please choose ENROLL if you would like to enroll. (Website will guide you through the process for both Waive or Enroll)
  5. New Students please choose NEW STUDENT BLUE USER.
  6. Returning Students please choose ALREADY A STUDENT BLUE USER
  7. If your waiver is approved BEFORE the tuition bills are generated, YOU WILL STILL SEE THE CHARGE ON THE BILL; it will still be up to 7-10 Business days before it is removed.
  8. Once you complete WAIVER or ENROLL, you will be sent an email confirming the option which was chosen. 
  9. You MUST waive or enroll every semester


Helpful Tips to Fill out the Waiver Policy Information:

  • Subscriber/Policy Holder Name: This may also be labeled as the member name on the insurance card.
  • Policy Holder’s Zip: Make sure to include the Policy’s Holder Zip Code.
  • Group#/Plan#:  Some cards may have RxGrp instead of Group#/Plan#.
  • Address of Insurance Company: This is usually located on the back of the card. It is usually a P.O. Box address.