How to Enroll in Student Blue

1. Go to the BCBSNC.COM/NCAT web site.

(If you have already registered, click on the "Student Login" icon located at the center portion of the page.

2. Click the Enroll option located on the left portion of the web page.

3. After you have read the important information, check “As the insured, it will be my responsibility to make sure the insurance charge is on my tuition bill. Failure to do so, could result in the cancellation of insurance for non-payment.” box.

4. You can view the insurance rates and benefits brochure.

5. Select 'Mandatory Plan'.

6. Complete the student information, create an account with an email address that you use often. Enter the mailing address that you would like your card to be sent, class information, and decide if you want to check yes to the Go Green option.

7. Click 'Next'.

8. Complete the remainder of the instructions.

Insurance Plan Brochures

Please view the 2023-2024 Benefits Brochure for the University-Endorsed Health Insurance Plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Insurance).