College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Mass Media Production

The Mass Media Production concentration is for students who aspire to work “behind the scenes,” creating programs for educational, corporate and governmental organizations. Their work also would be visible via radio, television, social media, and streaming platforms.

After completing the Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Mass Media Production, students have many opportunities to thrive in an evolving workplace.

They will have the skills required to work in radio, television, and digital roles. Jobs in marketing,  advertising, and public relations will also be attainable in the future. These students may also aspire to take the entrepreneurial route and start their own production companies.

For additional education, students may work on master's or doctoral degrees that prepare them for research, policy, and teaching. Or they may seek professional degrees in such areas as business and law.

If you would like to be the “power” behind the sounds we hear, the pictures we see, and the resulting impressions we develop in our minds, consider Mass Media Production.  So much opportunity is waiting for you!


Access the Mass Media Production curriculum guide here.