College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Master of Science – Agricultural and Environmental Systems (Integrated Animal Health Systems)

The master’s in Integrated Animal Health Systems within the Agricultural and Environmental Systems Program will engage you in scholarly activities and research as you explore both basic and applied scientific research that establishes a foundation for understanding the health of large and small animals. The curriculum also will guide you into conducting interdisciplinary research in genetics, nutrition, physiology and other facets of animal health. In addition to learning about current and emerging issues in animal health, you will gain a strong perspective on locally grown and sustainable food production systems.

Students come first in the Department of Animal Sciences, where faculty and staff provide close advising and a nurturing environment. Graduate students get opportunities to expand their knowledge and to develop their creative problem-solving and scholarly abilities. The faculty is committed to offering rigorous training in state-of-the art teaching and research laboratories in B.C. Webb Hall, at the University Farm, and in our Laboratory Animal Resources Unit. The University Farm and other facilities in Webb Hall house 14 species of animals.

The goal of the integrated animal health concentration is to assist future scholars and scientists in developing their abilities to assess and conduct valid scientific research and practices that will facilitate sustainable food production, through an understanding of agricultural and environmental systems and interdisciplinary approaches for improved animal management and wellbeing.

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Derrick J. Coble, PhD
Graduate Programs Coordinator