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Dates: March 27 - 31, 2023  

Cooperative Extension at N.C. A&T provides research-based information to North Carolinians with social, culturaland economic barriers to upward mobility so that they can make decisions that improve their communities and their lives. As the outreach arm of the university’s College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Extension includes subject-matter specialists and county-based agents and paraprofessionals who deliver programs through centers across the state. Extension professionals use a variety of delivery methods – from one-on-one demonstrations to videoconferencing and online computer assisted training – to address the needs of individuals, small farmers, families, youth and communities with limited resources. Programs focus on strategic priorities areas:  


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Points of Pride
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About Us

Cooperative Extension is the educational outreach arm of the nation’s land-grant universities. North Carolina A&T State University was established as a land-grant university under the Second Morrill Act of 1890, which expanded the land grand system to better serve minority communities. Cooperative Extension was established in 1914 and works as an integrated, nationwide educational and outreach network that improves lives – particularly in rural areas – by working with farmers, families, youth and communities. Cooperative Extension at N.C. A&T works with people who face barriers to upward mobility, including small farmers as well as rural and minority communities. 

Cooperative Extension at N.C. A&T includes campus-based specialists and staff in counties across North Carolina. We work closely with partners at North Carolina State University NC State Extension, county and local governments, and national partners such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  We involve community leaders, farmers, and other interested community members in our Strategic Planning Council, our Small Farms Task Force, and county-based advisory boards. We also work with Extension advocates who help us identify needs and emerging issues.

Three new publications from N.C. A&T Cooperative Extension

Community Fresh

FRESH: A Garden Guide
Learn to produce food and flowers as part of a community of growers.

Click to open an interactive flipbook of the magazine where you can also download the PDF version.

All About Hemp

This guide contains USDA hemp regulations, which North Carolina will follow starting Jan. 1, 2022.  Click to open an interactive flipbook of the magazine where you can also download the PDF version.

High Tunnel Farming

Click to open an interactive flipbook of the magazine where you can also download the PDF version.