College of Science and Technology

Minors and Certificates in Mathematics

Minor in Applied Mathematics

The minor in Applied Mathematics consists of satisfaction of a prerequisite and successful completion with a grade of “C” or better in at least 19 credit hours of course work, specified as follows:

  1. Prerequisite to the Applied Mathematics minor: Students must complete one of the calculus courses, MATH 112 or MATH 131, with a grade of “C” or better.
  2. Required Course (4 credit hours): Students in the applied mathematics minor program are required to complete MATH 132 with a grade of “C” or better
  3. Mathematics Electives (9-15 credit hours): Students in the applied mathematics minor program need to take three to five additional mathematics courses from the following list: MATH 223, MATH 231, MATH 224, MATH 240, MATH 311, MATH 431, MATH 432, MATH 440, MATH 450, MATH 480, MATH 507, MATH 511, MATH 608, MATH 612, MATH 623, MATH 650, MATH 651, MATH 690, MATH 692
  4. Application Electives (up to 6 credit hours): Students in the applied mathematics minor program may take up to two courses at 200 level or above from an application area in biology, chemistry, physics, business and economics, computer science, or an engineering or technology discipline.


All minor applications must be approved by the Department of Mathematics.


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Data Analytics


Program Coordinator: Yolanda Stone
Phone: 336-285-2380

Certificate Requirements

  • Total Credit Hours: 12 
    • Core courses (6 credits)
    • Technical Electives (6 credits)

Core courses
STAT 707 Introduction to Data Science (3) OR
CSE 704 Data Processing and Visualization (3)

CSE 708 Application of Data Analytics and Engineering (3) OR
STAT 708 Linear Models for Data Science (3)

Electives (choose two)
BUAN/MGMT 725 Business Analytics (3)
BUAN/MGMT 740 Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Application (3)
CSE 701 Applied Probability and Statistics (3)
CSE 801 Computational Statistics (3)
CSE 805 Machine Learning and Data Mining (3)
CSE 817 Fundamentals of Big Data Analysis (3)
ISEN 685/ISEN 662 Special Topics: Programming for Data Analysis (1)
ISEN 821 Multivariate Statistics for Engineers (3)
ISEN 885/ISEN 862 Special Topics: Data Preparation, Visualization and Analytics for Societal Impact (3)
ISEN 885/ISEN 863 Special Topics: Data Analytics Practicum (3)
MATH 690 Scientific Programming for Mathematical Science (3)
MATH 782 Statistical Data Analytics and Visualization (3)
STAT 710 Statistical and Deep Learning (3)
STAT 711 Statistical Computing and Algorithm Analysis (3)
STAT 823 Time Series and Business Analytics (3)
STAT 824 Biostatistics and Health Analytics (3)