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The Department of Mathematics & Statistics provides course work leading to both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The faculty members are active and dedicated scholars, with an enthusiastic interest in teaching, and ongoing, significant, research programs. Innovative teaching methods are integrated through the mathematics curriculum. The faculty is especially interested in the intellectual development of each student, and there is continuous individual contact to provide quality instruction in all areas of mathematics. All graduate faculty teach on both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

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Why Major in Mathematics & Statistics? 


The US Department of Education recently reported that only 16% of high school seniors are both proficient in math and show an interest in pursuing a STEM-related career. Math majors are some of the most employable graduates and are often near the top of income brackets for their career level. Whether math majors go to work in STEM or take a less traditional path, options abound for them.

To help these students begin thinking about their futures before entering the job market, the US Department of Education has created a 
guide to the best careers for math majors. It highlights several common paths of employment, as well as a few outside-the-box options. The guide also explores useful workplace skills learned in the major and provides a collection of resources to help new math graduates.


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