Protocol for Departmental Flyer Approval

In order to ensure timeliness and appropriateness of the information to be distributed to the university community, all on-campus departmental organization flyers must be approved by the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement.

  1. Must include program title, date, on-campus sponsoring organization/department, on-campus location, contact information (phone, email) for an organization representative, and type of event. Upon approval, representatives are allowed to distribute materials in designated areas and electronically via social media networks.
  2. Academic spaces where there are bulletin boards will serve as a primary facility for persons wishing to distribute printed materials.

  1. Departmental flyers may be approved through email and in-person. Flyers should be sent to the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement email at and given 48 hours for approval.
  2. Approved Departmental flyers should be stamped by an Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement staff member and the “approved” date stamp should be easily visible on the flyer.
  3. Hanging flyers without the “approved” date stamp are subject to be taken down and removed from academic spaces.
  4. Once stamped and approved, departments are permitted to make copies. It is not suggested for departments to make numerous copies of the flyer before it is officially approved.
  5. The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement does not approve student organizations' flyers.
Disclaimer: The university does not assume any obligation or responsibility for the content of materials distributed without proper approvals. Further, the university reminds all individuals and groups that distribute materials to be aware of the laws related to defamation of character, obscenity, fair labor practice, and other applicable laws; All publicity and/or advertising displayed on bulletin boards must conform to university publicity regulations. Notices or advertisements may not be posted on bulletin boards in lobbies of residence halls without prior approval from the residence hall director.

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