STEM Theme House

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Theme House is a community of undergraduate students enrolled in STEM majors. The goals of the STEM House are to assist students in achieving academic and personal success while fostering university and STEM retention and to support the expansion of the nation's STEM workforce by equipping graduates to assume positions in industry, the academy beyond. Programming offered during the academic year supports the development of scholars who are prepared to pursue STEM graduate education and enter the STEM workforce. Residents participate in a variety of academic, personal development, and career exploration activities intended to build a sense of community and increase understanding of STEM disciplines. The STEM Theme Housing is a dynamic, energetic community of scholars who exemplify academic and personal success and are actively engaged in the North Carolina A&T community.

Residence Hall Location: Pride Hall
Housing LLC Contact: Claudette Drake, or 336-285-4950
Program Contact: For more information, please contact

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