Living Learning Community (LLC) Operating Manual

For Every Aggie: Community For Life

If you want something more out of your freshman year experience, consider joining a living-learning community! In the fall of 2021, there will be eight living-learning community (LLC) choices, housing over 200 Aggies in various locations around campus. 

Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to enroll in common courses with those you live with, participate in out-of-class activities, get to know professors, and enjoy a family-like atmosphere.

Living-Learning Community Program Outcomes

  1. Academic Support: Students in LLCs enroll in several of the same class sections.
  2. Faculty and Staff Engagement: Students in LLCs enjoy support from Resident Assistants (RAs) who have been specifically chosen for the theme of the LLC, as well as a faculty advisor.
  3. Team Building: In addition to living together and taking courses together, students in LLCs participate in many activities and have many experiences designed to create a team.
  4. Career Exploration: Students in LLCs participate in out-of-class events designed to enhance their knowledge of their major and career. There are also both social and educational activities designed to help them get acquainted with A&T and each other. 


2021 Living-Learning Communities (LLCs)

  • ICEE (Career and Internship Focus)
  • FIT (Sports Fitness/Medicine)
  • The Noble Place (Nursing)
  • SciTech (Focus on Science and Technology)
  • SISTERS (Female Mentoring Program)
  • STEM
  • TRiO
  • University Honors Program

Expectations for Students

  1. I will immediately make an appointment to see my academic advisor. If I am undeclared I will see my advisor in the Center for Academic Excellence.
  2. I will take advantage of “walk-in” academic coaching services at the Academic Center for Excellence, located in Academic Classroom Building, from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, on Mondays through Fridays.
  3. I will earn seven event points per semester (fall and spring) by attending activities outside of the classroom.
  4. I will co-enroll in courses for both the fall and spring semesters with my LLC. This includes registering myself for courses in October for the spring semester using instructions given to me by the program.
  5. I will use Microsoft Outlook through my Aggie email account to accept or decline invitations to activities.
  6. When I signup to attend an event, I will show up.
  7. I will work to build relationships with fellow residents, Academic Coaching Advisors, Faculty Advisors, Resident Assistants, and Residence Directors.
  8. I will represent my LLC with pride and I will role model responsible conduct.
  9. I will meet the LLC program halfway and do my part to make my freshman year a successful one.
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Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are defined as groupings or cohorts of students who live together in a residence hall and explore a common interest or academic pursuit together. At North Carolina A&T State University, LLCs will include required courses that students must take or a theme or common interest that students wish to learn more about. LLC’s are recognized by the University as high-impact practices (HIPs) that impact student success; particularly retention, progression, and graduation. Partnerships with faculty, academic administrators, and other campus constituents must be developed to maximize student residences as an extension of the classroom and contribute to student persistence and graduation. The department’s program must be consistent with the mission and focus of the institution. (ACHOUI, pg. 10)
Benefits of participating in the LLC, include but are not limited to:
  • Enhanced academic and social opportunities
  • Improved GPA
  • Improved connection to faculty
  • Greater involvement in learning
  • Increased satisfaction with your college experience
  • Increased persistence to graduation

  • Develop learning outcomes consistent with the mission of University Housing and the academic college.
  • Deliver programming and course delivery that will support these learning outcomes as well as extend the learning that is taking place in the affiliated classroom.
  • Share in best practices with other participating LLCs. Additionally, we will meet on a monthly basis with University Housing representatives to share updates regarding the progress of the LLC towards goals as well as any concerns or opportunities for improvement. These meetings, while initiated by University Housing, will be mandatory for all parties involved.
  • Support the students participating in the LLC by providing academic support and interventions for students in the program.
  • Provide training to the Resident Assistants who are working with the LLC. Additionally, the LLC coordinator will assist in the hiring and selection when appropriate. (Please see staff for suggested training.)
  • Promote mandatory programs sponsored by University Housing and the LLC (e.g. floor meetings).
  • Refer students to campus resources when necessary and provide follow-up in order to close the loop. Referrals are seen as interventions and can be documented utilizing tracking systems (e.g. AggiesNav).
  • Review policies on a continual basis to remain updated and able to convey policy and procedures to students, faculty, and staff involved with the LLC.
  • Comply with all University Housing guidelines and expectations.
  • Train coordinators according to the guidelines outlined in the LLC Standard Operating Procedures Manual and provide specified training to Resident Assistants who will work with our LLC. Training should be ongoing.
  • Maintain records of programming, intervention, and interactions with students and staff affiliated with the LLC. The tracking system can be used to create and house these records (e.g. AggiesNav).
  • Sponsor continued training when necessary and participate in all required training outlined by University Housing.
  • Evaluate the success of the LLC by assessing outcomes, involvement, satisfaction with the LLC (space and programming), and student success metrics including grade point average, course completion rates, retention, progression, and graduation of the students involved in the program. The assessments should also report interventions that were implemented during the course of the academic year and denote interactions with student participants.

There should also be an assessment of the Resident Assistant and their effectiveness as well as a self-evaluation of the coordinator.

Assessments are due to University Housing and the LLC Committee annually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A North Carolina A&T Living-Learning Community is a group of students living together based on a common interest while taking one or more classes together and participating in out-of-class experiences led by successful upper-class students. Residents have access to many special resources, programs, and activities, such as seminars, site visits, and reserved space in academic courses.

All students who fall under the housing policy live in residence halls. Located within some of those residence halls are living-learning communities.

If you are willing to change your housing assignment, there is a possibility you can join an LLC. It will depend on space availability. Contact us to discuss your options.

No, students in living-learning communities do not pay fees in addition to the standard room and board rates for the residence hall that houses the living-learning community.

No. A&T is a big university and we encourage students to join organizations and do things both inside and outside of their LLC.

Yes, living in the same hall and on the same floor with other students from the LLC is part of the fun!

Students in LLCs live with other students who are also in the same LLC. Part of college is about getting to know new people from different backgrounds. Being roommates with someone who is also in the LLC is one of the benefits of the program and it enriches the community.

Please let us know as soon as possible in order that we may decide how best to house you. If you decided not to participate in your LLC before your designated room selection round, we will remove you from our list and place you back into the normal room selection process. If you change your mind after you have already been assigned to a room within the LLC, we may place you into a space based on availability.

Yes. Only students that have applied and live on the floor with the LLC are allowed to participate in the group.

  • A resident assistant (RA) who is a successful upperclassman student in your major or minor.
  • Out-of-class activities based on your major and career interests.