Interdisciplinary Center for Early Career Exploration (ICEE) Living Learning Community provides a specific, planned approach to integrate students and activities leading to an early awareness of careers, skills, and leadership development to meet the needs of a global society.

Program Goals

Equip students with the skills necessary to obtain gainful experiential learning opportunities (co-op/internships) and full-time employment or graduate school admission upon graduation.

  • Students will create a resume, conduct mock interviews, utilize Handshake, and complete career-related assessments. 
  • Students will network with recruiters, attend career fairs, and career development workshops.

Target Population

This program uses a 2-year cohort, in-taking first-year students every other year. ICEE will not intake the first-year students for the Fall Semester.

Housing LLC Contact:  Claudette Drake, 336-285-4950
Program Contact:  Keyara  Stevenson, or 336-334-7755