Pharmacy FAQs

The charge is itemized on your Student Account with a non-specific description, "Medical Services Charge", the amount charged and the date. No specific description, such as medication name, is transferred.

Any student at NC A&T State University is eligible to use the SHC's pharmacy. Faculty and staff are also eligible.

Yes the pharmacy can fill schedule II medications for these conditions. Speak with us directly about your medication.

No, your NCAT Student ID card is not acceptable. You may use your Driver's License, Passport, Military ID, or state-issued ID card. Your ID card must be a current government-issued, photo ID card.

Yes. Some form of payment is expected at the time of service. The cost of your medication may be applied to your student account if it is more than $5.00. We also accept cash, check, debit, Visa, AMEX, Master Card or Aggie One Cards.


No. Anyone can buy the morning-after-pill. Neither your age nor your gender matter.

Present your prescription to us, and we will order it for you from our wholesaler. The medication will usually be delivered the next business day and will normally be ready after 3:00 p.m.


Your outside provider may electronically send (E-Scribe) the prescriptio or  call our pharmacy with your prescription to (336) 285-2907 or 2908, fax to (336) 256-2903.