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Ph.D. in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

The Ph.D. in agricultural and environmental sciences program at N.C. A&T teaches students about the complexities of our global food system and how to adapt to emerging challenges around food, energy and water. This program prepares individuals for successful careers as researchers, faculty and entrepreneurs and to be active and effective leaders in academia and the agriculture industry in both the public and private sectors. Our doctoral graduates will confront the grand challenges of providing and sustaining a safe and healthy supply of food, fiber and other products for a burgeoning global population.

To gain admission to this agricultural and environmental sciences Ph.D. program, students must have earned a master’s degree in a food, agricultural, biological science or environmental science discipline or in a closely related area of study with a cumulative GPA of 3.3. Doctoral candidates are required to take 65 post-baccalaureate credit hours, including 15 credit hours of core courses, 15 credit hours of electives and 18 credit hours within one of five concentrations. Doctoral candidates also must complete a dissertation.

Why choose N.C. A&T

Doctoral students in the agricultural and environmental sciences Ph.D. program will be taught and mentored by a dynamic faculty who are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in the areas of discovery, learning and engagement. The program offers small class sizes that allow for more interaction with our professors.

At A&T, a land-grant high-research institution that ranks as the nation’s largest historically Black university, students will develop personal and professional relationships with fellow students and faculty that will last a lifetime. Graduates will use the knowledge and skills gained through this program to stay abreast of continuing changes in health and nutrition, consumer preferences, national security concerns, climate and many other vital issues that affect agriculture and the environment.


The Food Science, Human Nutrition and Health concentration will provide students with opportunities for advanced study and research on ways to enhance human health by developing a safe, nutritious, accessible, affordable and sustainable food supply. Doctoral students in this innovative degree program will study basic and applied sciences and the complex nexus of food, nutrition and human health.

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The Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sciences concentration focuses on an integrated system of plant and animal production practices that satisfy human needs for food and fiber while maintaining efficient use of natural resources, economic profitability, social and economic equity and a healthy and sustainable environment. This concentration will produce scientists, faculty and researchers who will integrate knowledge in numerous fields, including crop science, soil science, microbiology, biological engineering, economics and agronomy.

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The Agribusiness and Applied Economics concentration will combine training in agribusiness and/or economics to produce graduates who are experts in quantitative methods and have developed a rigorous background in economic theory and research. Doctoral students will study agricultural food systems, environmental economics and international trade and learn economic theory, research methods and quantitative techniques.

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The Sustainable Animal Production and Health concentration is designed to give doctoral students an in-depth look at the many challenges facing the animal industry. Through interdisciplinary research in genetics, nutrition, physiology and other areas and with access to a diverse array of animal species, future professionals and scientists will gain the ability to conduct valid research and develop sound practices that facilitate sustainable food production and preventative animal health.

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The Agricultural and Extension Education concentration is designed for doctoral students who want to learn more about leadership development and styles and educational methods for youth and adults in agricultural and related fields. Our graduates will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the teaching and learning process as well as a strong practical research experience in agricultural education. Our graduates will be prepared to lead in public and private colleges and universities, industry and state and federal governmental agencies.

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For more information

For more information about the program, including admission and degree requirements and a detailed curriculum overview for each concentration, please contact

Antoine Alston, Ph.D.
Associate dean of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and (336) 285-4818. 

For more information about admissions and enrollment, please contact
The Graduate College at N.C. A&T