College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

C.H. Moore Agricultural Research Station

Applied Survey Research Laboratory
Rooms A28, A32 C.H. Moore


Capabilities and instrumentation

  • Statistical and database analysis for human and social capital development.
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, includes 10 workstations, automated data collection from telephone and mail surveys.
  • Knowledge Management Center, for access to research taking place or completed in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  • Portable technologies for field research, managing meetings and synthesizing information gathered in meetings, listening sessions or focus groups, including Option Finder and Group Systems technology. (Option Finder and GroupSystems to be available to industries and organizations by mid-2004. Contact Dr. Terrence Thomas.)



  • The structure and function of community organizations, as well problem solving in communities and organizations (Dr. Terrence Thomas).
  • Developing a model for collaboration for grassroots organizations, as well as a database of grassroots organizations throughout the Southern Black Belt (Dr. Terrence Thomas).
  • Issues important to small farm enterprises, and small farm-community linkage (Dr. Terrence Thomas).
  • Food safety issues. (Dr. Kofi Adu-Nyako, 336-334-7963, )
  • Point source pollution in North Carolina. (Dr. Osei Yeboah, 336-334-7056, )