The Graduate College

Military Leave

A student called to duty may take military leave of absence from his/her program of study by indicating “military duty” on the Leave of Absence form. The student must notify the graduate program coordinator, department chair and Dean of the Graduate School. The request should be made at least one month prior to the semester involved. The request should be endorsed by the student’s graduate advisory committee, program coordinator and/or department chair, and the Graduate School.

The time limits for completing the program will be extended for the length of time the student has been on active duty, if the candidate resumes graduate work no later than one year following his/her release from military service (see university policy on this issue). This is also referenced in the Graduate Catalog in the Time Limitations section of Graduation Requirements.

A student may return to campus and enroll in his/her program of study by submitting a Reenrollment Application. The application should be submitted to the Graduate School.

The student will be subject to the original catalog upon reenrollment and all previously earned academic credits will be accepted towards the degree. However, the student will have the option of selecting a more recent catalog.