The Autonomous Control and Information Technology Institute

The Autonomous Control and Information Technology (ACIT) Institute fosters interdisciplinary research in the field of autonomous control engineering and its applications. We study the intersection of control systems, robotics, data analytics and emerging technologies that provide cutting-edge solutions from the laboratory to industry. Most of our research projects are industry-oriented and funded by government agencies and private companies. Our activities are increasing regional economic growth through research and development projects, adoption and effective use of new engineering technologies.


The ACIT Institute seeks to become a leader in research in the southeastern United States. We facilitate interdisciplinary research, especially in Testing & Evaluation, Autonomy and Unmanned Systems-related research projects. It is our priority to foster collaborative research topics among faculty and students at N.C. A&T, as well as researchers at other institutions, federal agencies and within industry.


Research at the ACIT Institute directs and transcends in the scientific knowledge through innovation, education, application and evaluation.

  • Advance research at all levels in our areas of specialization
  • Enhance education, especially of minorities, through student involvement in research
  • Commercialize ACIT research for the benefit of national security and the economy

Research Areas

  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things
  • Intelligent Robotics, Unmanned Systems
  • Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • Wireless Communications