doctor abdollah (ebbie) homaifarDr. Abdollah (Ebbie) Homaifar is the director of the Testing, Evaluation, and Control of Heterogeneous Large-scale Systems of Autonomous Vehicles (TECHLAV) Center. He has led several major multi-institutional research projects, established a university-wide institute and brought together top researchers to address grand challenges and research problems.

His research has expanded to impact bioinformatics, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning and intelligent transportation, and has been supported with funding in excess of $40 million from various agencies. He has published more than 350 technical publications, including book chapters, journals and conference papers. To date, Dr. Homaifar has graduated more than 20 Ph.D. and 80 M.S. students and supported more than 300 graduate students and 1,000 undergraduate students.

Curriculum Vita

Faculty, Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Dr. Ali Karimoddini, Deputy Director of the TECHLAV Center
Dr. Younho Seong, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Dr. John Kelly, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Sun Yi, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Joseph Stephens, Department of Psychology
Ms. Shar Syedin, Program Manager
Dr. Berat Erol, Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Mr. Mohammadreza Behniapoor, Research Assistant