Alumni Messages

We asked the Aggie Nation to share some words of encouragement and congratulations to the Spring Class of 2020, and so many of you came through! Thank you all for your contributions and modeling what being great alumni looks like for your newest alumni peers!

  • Graduates, you are now a member of the NC A&T Alumni Family. Celebrate the opportunity in years to come by making a difference in your community and the A&T Legacy. In a world battling a pandemic, submerge yourself into a culture to meet challenges, intellectually and socially. 

Dr. Melvin J. Carver, ’72 NC A&T; Retired NCCU Professor

  • Someone once stated "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Aggie Pride
A - Achiever
G - Great
G - God Given
I - Intelligent
E - Elegant
P - Positive Thinker
R - Respectful
I - Intelligent
E - Educated 

Jerome Thompson - President
SC Upstate Aggie Alumni Chapter
Class of 76/Industrial Technology

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2020 as each of you have experienced the unexpected, and having the aptitude to adapt is what Aggie Do! as you can never ever underestimate an Aggie with everlasting pride. 

Steven Cook - Class 82
Sandra Harrell Cook - Class – 82

  • What a milestone you’ve achieved. Class of 2020, it doesn’t matter that the world is going through a pandemic status right now. What really matters is that all of you did your part to get to this point. You will endure and leave your own marks on the world as Maya Angelou said “And Still I Rise”.
It matters that as Aggies you will continue to do your best. Through it all we will “Never Ever Underestimate an AGGIE “
Aggies Do!
Janice K. Sutton Class of ‘72 
  • We can't say we understand what you are going through but we can say we know what the future holds. You have a degree that will help mold your future but just as important you have an Aggie family that will love and support you forever. No matter where life takes you, there will be an Aggie there ready and willing to lend a hand. We will get through this, like our Aggie ancestors got through so many other things and your class will always be noted in history.
    With Aggie Love!
Tiffany Balmer 
  • Dear Class of 2020,
    Congratulations and welcome to the alumni side! All of the sacrifices you made during your tenure are finally paying off! It is an incredible accomplishment to earn your degree from North Carolina A&T State University and you are now part of the legacy of Aggie greatness.
    This is only the beginning and now you have a responsibility to make an impact in the community, in the world and in your respective industry. While these are unprecedented times we are living in due to COVOID-19, trust and believe that our illustrious institution has prepared you to persevere because #AggiesDo.
    With Aggie Pride,
    Jawanza Robinson C/O 2011
  • "Never ever underestimate an Aggie to maximize their full God-given talent to break through barriers in order become successful."
    Demetria Renee Tucker Class of 1972
  • To the Class of 2020,
    I know this is a bitter sweet moment for you, but know that this is not the end. You will soar and grow! My advice is to stay connected with your friends and classmates, even those you may not consider to be your close friends.  You all have this moment in common. Also, if you are worried about employment, there are many agencies hiring virtually. This provides an opportunity to look at different career options.This is not the end. Stay safe and congratulations on your special day!
    Mae Best Class of '72 
  • To the Aggie Class of 2020:
    My sincere congratulations to the N. C. A&T Class of 2020.  Thank you for choosing this great institution, for your commitment, hard work, and endurance and sacrifice at graduation during the untimely 2020 Corona-19 Pandemic.  This too shall pass and we know that since you are "Aggie Strong" you will prevail and prosper.  You can achieve what ever you set your mind to.
    Never ever underestimate an Aggie!!!
    Garland W. Curtis Aggie Class of 1972
  • Agile to change course in a moment’s notice
    Graceful in the face of adversity
    Graduate of the illustrious NCA&TSU
    Intelligent beyond measure
    Excel over all obstacles
    Steadfast in all WE do!
    Congratulations c/o 2020 “Never ever underestimate an Aggie"
    Deirdre Harrison, c/o 2018 
  • Well Done Class of 2020!!
    It's your graduation day.  It took a lot of hard work for you to reach this goal.  Always challenge yourself to be your best. There’s no limit to what you can do if you keep believing in yourself.
    “Never underestimate an Aggie”
    Phyllis Richmond Moore Class of '75
  • Graduation is a time for celebration and recognition. I know graduation will look different for you and so many other students graduating this weekend, but know this is equally difficult for your family and friends as well.  They were all looking forward to seeing you walk across stage, receive your diploma and send cheers your way to acknowledge your accomplishments.  While that act may not happen, the feeling of accomplishment for all your hard work should not be lost.  You should be equally as excited of your hard and great work as though you were cheering in the Coliseum.  The world of opportunities awaits your greatness.  I believe you will not let this get in your way of greatness because the world can "never ever underestimate an Aggie!
    Congratulations on a job well done.  I look forward to hearing about your great work and achievements within the Aggie family.  I know you will set this world on fire with your talents.
    Go Forth and Be Great!!
    Aggie Pride!
    Felicia Brown Class of 89
  • Greetings,
    I've provided a message for the 2020 graduating class.
    If you were like me being accepted into North Carolina A&T State University was one of the best things that ever happened. The first day you stepped onto the illustrious campus your life changed forever.  You drank the proverbial kool-aid and chanted Aggie Pride every chance you got.
    Those years passed so quickly but you never knew that you would yearn for these last days, the opportunity to stay up late studying in the library with your friends, the chance to walk across the yard, not being able to drop in and give your professor a hug or a high-five for all the encouragement they provided or that last party as a student.
    But what you have are memories of making friends (who have become your sisters and brothers for life), of celebrating at the Greatest Homecoming on Earth and of attending the Greatest, Best and Largest HBCU in the nation, just to name a few.
    Your gateway from student to alumna/us is unique. Although you will not take that last walk with your 2020 Aggie classmates and despite the pandemic and the social distancing, you are not alone.  Imagine the thousands of Aggies who are celebrating and welcoming you into our alumni family.  Your name will be written in our history book which dates back to 1891.
    “Never ever underestimate an Aggie” and our ability to persevere. You were given a challenge and you succeeded.  The world as we know it has changed, now it’s time for you to rise up, use your gifts to change the world! Aggie Pride for Life!
    Etolia Biggs Class of 1989
  • Congratulations to each graduate. Isn't it great to know that you have completed  what you have set out to do, by the grace of God and the support  of family, friends  and the encouragement of those graduates  before you. But don't stop here regardless of the times we are now living. Regardless  if you can't march in a ceremony. This to shall pass. So Aggies Go On, Go On, Go On, and Go On, God will continue to richly bless you.
    Vonzell, Class 73. Go Aggies!
  • AGGIE PRIDE means so much to us as alumni of this elustrious University. So “never ever underestimate an Aggie” and our desire for excellence.
    As you continue to look forward and grow in your endeavors, always remember to reach back.  The University needs all of us to do our part in giving back.  It’s not the size of the gift, it’s that you thought about someone else besides yourself.
    I leave you with one of my favorite quotes, “I am no longer accepting the things I can not change.  I am changing the things I can not accept.”  ~Dr. Angela Davis
    So proud of each of the 2020 graduate of NC A&T SU!
    And always believe you can reach whatever you can imagine. AGGIES DO!
    Rebecca Redd-Jolly Class of 1980
  • We as an Aggie Family share in your disappointment during this time you have been looking forward to since you entered NC A&T State University. Realizing that it is well beyond our control and none of us ever expected such an event, we'll just encourage you to move ahead with the many blessings you have received and knowing that  you will always represent the best University on earth.  This  should make it a bit easier to transition from a student to an alumni.
    Please remember, no matter where you go, you'll always encounter Aggies that will be willing to relate their time spent at our university.
    Good luck and remember "Aggies Do" and AGGIE PRIDE!
    A proud Aggie Family, Forever
    Renouard A. Sanders, Sr.  class of 1964
    Mary Bloomfield Sanders, class of 1964
    Renouard A. Sanders, Jr. class of 1995
    Seavy B. Sanders, class of 1997
  • Congratulation Aggies of the class 2020! We are so proud of your accomplishments. We are so proud of you resilience. We are so proud of ability to make a difference. Continue to Soar as your move to your next adventure in life.
    Sonya Evans Oates Class of 1994 BA
  • To the 2020 graduates of NCATSU--I salute you! Though the pandemic has dramatically affected your day of celebration. YOU have done the hard work of becoming a graduate of our University.
    That can not be diminished and you will do great things with that knowledge.
    Priscilla Burton, Class of 1975
  • I know that this is not how you expected your senior year to end but now begins the rest of your life. Cherish the time you spent on campus and hold those memories dear to your heart. Press on and conquer the world because you can never underestimate an Aggie!
    Best Wishes,
    Kristian Dixon c/o 2015
  • Embrace the adversity and then overcome it. Don't subscribe to anyone that would rather see you on the margin. It is never too early or too late to set and get after goals. Aggie Pride takes on a whole different meaning as Alumni...carry on are more than prepared...Aggie Pride Worldwide!
    Mr. Cabral N. Campbell Class of 1998
  • Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you a future and hope."
    Joanie Lawson '80 
  • Dear NC A&T Class of 2020
    Congratulations on your accomplishment! I still rate graduating from A&T as one of my life's greatest accomplishments! It has afforded the opportunity to have a fulfilling career that includes traveling, working, and living abroad.  My enthusiasm for the university has not waned in the thirty years since I graduated.  I challenge you to take the knowledge (both formal and informal) gained  at A&T, combine it with a healthy portion of Aggie Pride, and take it wherever your endeavors may take you!
    Mens et Manus,
    Kerry R. Brown, Class of 1990
  • Just because a large crowd can't see you doesn't make you less of an Aggie Alum. YOU DID IT! Congrats! The same strength & perseverance that got you to this point is gonna sustain you in times of uncertainty. Just keep going. The world should Never Ever Underestimate An Aggie
    Lawrence Wiggins Class of 2008
  • Class of 2020, your ceremony may have been canceled but you're still a Graduate. No matter what, you are an Aggie and always resilient. Keep the faith and you will remain on top. Never ever underestimate an Aggie!
    Tammy Sellars Pulliam (1992)
  • To the dynamic graduating senior reading this message, I’d like to say how proud I am of your fortitude to get to this moment in time. Your academic prowess has been tried and tested throughout your matriculation at A&T and you have managed to reach this milestone successfully.
    Although our nation’s current events are grim, causing  a lot of uncertainty and disappointment, I want you to channel any negative thoughts you have towards strengthening your character for the good of your future. Yes, the day of celebration known as commencement will look very different for the class of 2020. Yes, it’s ok to have a moment of sadness for how things would have been under normal circumstances. However, as a graduate of the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, you are anything but “normal.”  You are superior! Built for the storms that this life will sometimes put you right in the center of. Look past the momentary disappointment and envision the future dear A&T has helped prepare you for.
    Show the world how great you are. Seek to change the world for the better. Let this time be the catalyst for how to overcome the weight of things that challenge you. Do this and do it with your head held high. Keep striving because I know and the world should know, you must Never...Ever...Underestimate an Aggie!
    With Lots of Aggie Pride,
    Inez Gaynor-Vessels, Class of ‘97
  • Congratulations on graduating!!!!
    Now your life begins! Though you might not be having the graduation you pictured, the fact you’re graduating is the real goal achieved. Give yourself props, us Aggies in alumni world now welcome you! Be ready for the real world, the lessons, the rewards and all in between. Show the world how they can NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE AN AGGIE! You come from excellence, so continue to show the world how Aggies do. Wishing you nothing but blessings and success! Congrats again, and of course AGGIE PRIDE!
    Ashley Green (Vaughn) graduating class of May 2012 
  • Never ever underestimate an Aggie, we are dynamic. This is not how you imagined commencement all these years, but keep in mind that the best is yet to come. Welcome to the 1891 Club, there's nothing like it! & Don't forget, Aggies Achieve Great Goals in EVERYTHING.
    Aggie Pride!
    Robert H. Tate, Class of 2015