What rights and options do I have?

If you are involved in a Title IX investigation, whether as a complainant, a respondent, or a witness, a Title IX investigator will request a face-to-face meeting. At this initial meeting, the investigator will provide detailed information regarding your rights and options in the investigation process. Participation in this meeting, or any step in the process, is optional.

Some additional rights and options in the Title IX investigation include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Any reasonable accommodations needed to participate if you are a person with a disability.
  • You are encouraged to bring a support person, not an attorney, and the University has assigned Sexual Misconduct Advisors to support you throughout any step in the process. If you are unfamiliar with someone who can serve in this role, the investigator will be able to provide options.
  • You have the option to not answer questions or provide information to the investigator. It is important to note that the Title IX and Deputy Title IX Coordinators can only offer an effective response to your situation if they have the necessary information to investigate the matter.
  • You will be provided with a prompt, adequate, reliable, and impartial Title IX investigation.
  • Throughout the investigation, you will be provided with updates regarding the progress made in meeting with all parties. It is possible that the investigator may meet with you and others several times during the course of the investigation.
  • At the conclusion of the investigation, the investigator will submit its report to the Title IX Coordinator for his/her review and determination of the appropriate response from N.C. A&T.
  • You will be informed of the outcome of the investigation and any adjudication processes that may follow.

Retaliation against the individual, who initiates a sexual misconduct complaint, participates in an investigation, pursues legal action, or otherwise opposes discriminatory practices or policies, is prohibited. Independent action may be taken against anyone engaging in retaliation.

This is just a summary of the investigation process at N.C. A&T. If you have additional questions, please contact Samuel Richardson, Interim, Title IX Coordinator at 336-285-3770 or srichardson@ncat.edu.