What does a Title IX investigation look like?

When North Carolina A&T officials are made aware of any act of sexual violence that potentially violates Title IX, an investigation into the incident is required.

Upon receiving the complaint, a trained Title IX investigator will contact all individuals involved to gather information about the incident. The Title IX investigator will meet with complainants, respondents, and witnesses throughout the investigation process. The investigation process involves interim measures, which include but are not limited to: No Contact Orders, changes made to schedules, and on-campus housing relocation. Additional interim measures can be found in the Sexual Misconduct policies. If you have any concerns that arise during the investigation, you may communicate them to the investigator.

After the investigator has gathered all relevant information, he or she will write an investigation report which is then submitted to N.C. A&T’s Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators. Based on the information collected in the report, the Title IX Coordinator determines the appropriate response from N.C. A&T as to whether a hearing will be commenced. You can expect either of the following at the conclusion of the Title IX investigation:

  • The case has been closed and not referred to Student Conduct or appropriate employee grievance committee.
  • Or, the case has been referred to Student Conduct or appropriate employee grievance committee for adjudication. You will have the option to not participate in the adjudication of the matter. For additional information, please review the Sexual Misconduct Policy