Marshall Scholarship

Do you want to strengthen the US-UK “special relationship” as a future leader?

Graduating seniors and eligible alumni who have not yet earned a postgraduate degree (referred to as candidates)

The Marshall Scholarship was created as a “thank you” from the United Kingdom to the United States after the development of the Marshall Plan and it is a merit-based program that funds postgraduate study at any UK institution for Americans.  It is among the most prestigious among dozens of nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships, and Marshall Scholars range from Supreme Court justices to secondary school educators, scientists, artists, politicians, entrepreneurs, and more.

Candidates must earn nomination (referred to as endorsement) from university administration, which is conducted through NCAT Extraordinary Opportunities (NCAT EO).  This means that candidates must meet endorsement application deadlines and requirements.

Online, submitted to Ms. Alsace Gallop, National Scholarships and Fellowships Coordinator, NCAT Extraordinary Opportunities

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 by 5PM ET

You could have your postgraduate degree(s) fully funded at a prestigious international institution and make lifelong friends, and build relationships with future colleagues

If you are in your first year of eligibility, be sure to meet with Ms. Gallop as soon as possible. You can get feedback on everything, so be sure to share drafts (notes, paragraphs, and other early versions of your final materials) with Ms. Gallop early and often so that you can receive helpful feedback.  Your final endorsement application should be as strong as possible, so treat the campus deadline as though it is the national deadline.

You will also need a minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation (LOR) for the endorsement application deadline, and you should not request these letters less than three (3) weeks before the endorsement application deadline.  Contact Ms. Gallop for a highly suggested LOR worksheet that will help you select the best cohort of LOR writers.  If you have not requested LORs in the above time frame, you must communicate with Ms. Gallop before proceeding.    Meet with Ms. Gallop before you enter any names into any online portals.

Selection criteria can be found at

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List of eligible UK institutions:
“Be A Marshall” videos from Marshall Scholars: 
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