Endorsed Extraordinary Opportunities

The below externally funded extraordinary opportunities (EOs) require an institutional selection process, or endorsement, from the university through NCAT EO prior to national deadlines.

Therefore, campus/endorsement applications for these EOs should be prepared as though they are the final/national application. 

  1. Please complete this brief intent-to-apply form at least four (4) weeks before the deadlines listed below.
  2. Follow-up by with Ms. Gallop by email and/or by booking a Calendly appointment.  She will assist you in preparing your strongest possible endorsement application(s).
  3. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @NCAT_EO

2023-24 NCAT EO endorsement application deadlines (5PM ET)*



*deadlines posted May 26, 2023; content last updated Jan. 24, 2024