Administrative Policies and Guidelines

The administrative policies and guidelines listed below are provided to ensure that the mission of the foundation is accomplished. In so far as it is in keeping with donor preferences, all private gifts, grants and contributions bestowed to the university are deposited in the foundation. A management fee is assessed on all eligible gifts, grants and contributions excluding scholarships. The foundation conducts formal fundraising campaigns on behalf of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, as the need arises, in conjunction and cooperation with N.C. A&T's Office of Development and University Relations.

The foundation provides resource personnel to assist N.C. A&T faculty and staff in the preparation and submission of proposals.

The foundation, in collaboration with N.C. A&T personnel, identifies and establishes ongoing relationships with potential funding agencies.

In cases where university units and personnel establish and develop their own fundraising capability, the foundation provides a depository, a management and distribution service with requirements agreed upon by the foundation and the relevant university personnel.