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Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success is available in the College of Science and Technology to support you as students in your quest to be successful in your academics and career preparation, whether you are a current or prospective student. We support students personal, academic, and professional growth through workshops, innovation challenges, competitions, college-wide forums, outreach, and industry engagement events.

We believe you can maintain a good overall GPA and graduate in four years by being diligent and informed. Please use the following information to help guide you during your University experience here or to get more information about us.

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Academic Support


Student Success Engagement Opportunities & Special Events

  • Innovation Challenges
    • Future dates TBD
  • Lobby Days/Workshops-Register via Handshake
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  • Bootcamps
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Student Information

Prospective Student Announcements

SciTech Week Highlights

Interview with Gitangili Rao SciTech Week 2021
Inspiring Minds Seminar SciTech Week 2021
WiST Day Program 2022