Student Clubs & Organizations

North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University has over 150 registered student organizations (RSOs) to meet almost any of your academic, cultural, informative, creative, or just fun interests. All clubs and organizations are started by students like you who want to connect with other students like themselves. Involvement in campus organizations can be both a rewarding and educational experience. There are many benefits to joining a student organization: making friends, developing and using new skills and abilities, becoming part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals and just enjoying yourself. One thing is for sure, if there isn't a club or organization that piques your interest, you can easily find a few friends or other students who would be interested in starting one with you. At N.C. A&T, we strive to assist students in providing leadership for their organizations by familiarizing them with available resources.

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We encourage you to look for the organization that best suits you!

STUDENTS, FACULTY, & STAFF: For more information or assistance with student clubs and organizations, please contact the Council of Presidents (COP) at

EXTERNAL ENTITIES: Please contact the Office of Career Services at to either present or be invited to a meeting to present to clubs/organizations.


Interested in Starting an Organization?

The first step on your journey to forming and creating a student organization is stopping by the Office of Student Activities and Campus Involvement located in the Student Center, Suite 332. 

No New Student Organizations Applications are accepted in the Spring semester, the process closes to allow us onboarding for those who completed the process in the Fall semester.