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Career Opportunities

A Physics degree provides many career opportunities. Apart from traditional careers in academia and research, physics graduates are high in demand in areas such as medicine, finance, business, technology, policy, and a variety of other fields. Graduates from our department have gone on to become faculty at many schools, colleges, and universities. Others are researchers at national labs, NASA, EPA, the Space Force, and several other governmental agencies. Some are working in industry companies such as Lockheed Martin, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, and IBM. Several of our graduates go to graduate schools for higher studies.

Below you will find information about career opportunities with a physics or meteorology degree. Feel free to contact us for more information about career opportunities in your area of interest. 

Current Job Opportunities:

1. NASA Pathways Program 

2. Listing of current Physics jobs 

3. Listing of current Meteorology jobs

4. NC Triad Job Portal

5. National Center for Atmospheric Research

Job Title: Instrumentation Engineer I - High Altitude Observatory (NCAR)


Internship Opportunities:

1. Department of Defense (DoD) STEM internship
2. American Association of Physicists in Medicine (DREAM PROGRAM)




Useful links:

The following links provide information about opportunities available with a physics degree, guidance for preparing for these jobs, and current statistics on jobs and salaries.


1. American Physical Society Career Guidance:

2. American Physical Society Career Resources:

3. American Physical Society Career Guidance:

4. American Physical Society Industry Mentoring for Physicists:


1. American Meteorological Society Career Guide

2. Weather Channel Career Guide
3. American Geosciences Institute Career Guide