College of Science and Technology

Academic Programs

Pure Mathematics, B.S.

The pure mathematics concentration is designed for students who value the study of mathematics, not only for application, but also for its own sake, and are interested in finding new formulae and methods while utilizing insights from a tradition of thousands of years. The pure mathematics concentration is recommended for those interested in graduate study in pure mathematics, and those who seek a rigorous education that involves not only rote computational skills but also rigorous explanations of how mathematics works.


Applied Mathematics, B.S.

The applied mathematics concentration is designed to provide students with training in the applications of mathematics in engineering, sciences, medicine, health care, business and finance. Applied mathematics concentration is recommended for those interested in the mathematical study of general scientific concepts, principles, and phenomena that, because of their widespread occurrence and application, relate or unify various disciplines. The use of computational methods and implementation of algorithms on computers is central in the study of applied mathematics.


Statistics, B.S.

The statistics concentration is designed to provide students with statistical tools and conceptual foundations in quantitative reasoning to extract information intelligently from data. The statistics concentration is recommended for those interested in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data statistically, as well as effectively communicating and presenting the results relying on data. Statistics is becoming more important in modern society in providing succinct information for making decisions, and is used in a wide variety of fields including science, technology, business, health, and social sciences.



Applied Mathematics, M.S.

The M.S. Degree Program in Applied Mathematics provides an educational program in which the student is given a thorough background and research training in one of the key areas of Applied Mathematics, as well as offering the students hands-­on experience in current important applications in applied mathematics areas, along with the statistical and computational skills to apply their knowledge to tackle real world applications.


Data Analytics, M.S.

The Master of Science in Data Analytics (MSDAAN) degree program prepares students for careers in a field of growing national need, with an online option designed for working professionals. The MSDAAN program imparts advanced knowledge on current and future practices and tools to examine data sets, conduct analysis of the data, and draw conclusions about the information they contain.