Chevron Conference Room

chevron-web.pngChevron defines energy in human terms. Both a multinational corporation and a household name, Chevron understands that its work helps improve lives by driving human progress and enabling the benefits of modern society. 

We are grateful for the company's support in establishing the Martin Complex's Chevron Conference Room, a meeting space that facilitates human interaction, collaboration and progress. Whether used by faculty to determine best new directions for a research project, graduate students to make presentations critical to their success, college leadership to engage in essential administrative dialogue or advisory groups to meet with faculty, staff and students, the Chevron Conference Room is a space where the future takes shape.

The College of Engineering is grateful to Chevron's visionary leadership for investing in our future, understanding the importance that our college has to the energy sector and Chevron itself. We look forward to a relationship that will enrich both partners, our students and our employees for generations to come.