College of Engineering

CyberSecurity Certificate Program

The undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity provides opportunities to students in all majors to learn cybersecurity topics, concepts and skills and pursue a career in cybersecurity. The educational objectives of the certificate program are that each graduate with the Certificate in Cybersecurity should be able to:

  • apply cybersecurity techniques and tools in related positions in industry,
  • perform effectively in lifelong learning, including cybersecurity-related studies in graduate programs, and
  • communicate and contribute cybersecurity ideas and/or knowledge in interdisciplinary teams.


Curriculum of the Certificate

Required Courses

COMP 320 – Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Elective Courses (select three)

COMP 420 - Applied Network Security   or   CST 315 - Network Security for Information Technology Professionals

COMP 422 - Information Security and Privacy

COMP 423 - Web Security

CRJS 485 - Special Topics in Criminal Justice: Cybercrime and Investigation

CST 326 - Database Security

ECEN 421 – Embedded Systems Design

ECEN 452 - Wireless Communication Systems

ECEN 485 – Special Topics in Engineering: Android Application Development

ISEN 380 – Information Technology for Industrial and Systems Engineers

COMP 620 – Information Security and Privacy

COMP 621 – Web Security

Course Descriptions


Application and Requirements

The Certificate in Cybersecurity is available to all undergraduate students who currently enroll in a degree program at North Carolina A&T State University and has a GPA of 2.5 or above. Interested students can apply here. (

To receive the certificate, students must:

  • Complete the required course (COMP 320) and a minimum of three elective courses required for the certificate.
  • Receive a “C” or better for each required or elective course.
  • Receive a bachelor’s degree of any major from North Carolina A&T State University



If you have any question about the Certificate in Cybersecurity, please contact Dr. Madhuri Siddula at