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Sociology is often described as the study of social interaction and change. But what does this mean? Sociologists seek to investigate and report on the ways in which the social forces we are embedded in (e.g., cultural norms and values, economic change and inequality, political change and public policy), impact our lives.

Because social forces are often hidden and largely beyond the control of single individuals, knowledge of, and an ability to apply, sociological theory and research methods can help facilitate positive social change by empowering individuals and communities to effectively address the social problems and injustices they face.

In this way sociology can be thought of as a ‘martial art’, or a means of self-defense against powerful sets of circumstances (cf. Bourdieu). The subject matter of sociology ranges from poverty and inequality to wealth and privilege; from globalization to community organization; from ethnoracial and gender discrimination to shared beliefs and cultural values; from environmental pollution and technology to marriage, family and sexuality.

Sociology is indeed a very broad field of study that allows students many options upon completion of a bachelor's degree. For more information on what a degree in sociology can do for you, check out our informative brochure.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The major in Sociology consists of a minimum of 120 semester hours credit. The program prepares students for graduate study primarily in sociology but also in related fields such as Law, Urban Studies, Social Work, Anthropology and Criminal Justice. The major in Sociology must complete a minimum of 51 semester hours in Sociology as well as 18 semester hours of concentrated course work in a related discipline (e.g., social work, psychology, political science).


Minor in Sociology

The Sociology minor should consist of 6 credits of sociology courses at the 100 level and 15 credits at the 200 level or above. Students who wish to minor in sociology must complete courses with a grade of "C" or better.