For Faculty and Staff

"Responding to Students: Campus Sexual Assault" is a step by step guide for faculty and staff of what to do if a student discloses a sexual assault. For more information, call Counseling Services at 336-334-7727. Please see Responding to Students: Campus Sexual Assault for more information.

Online Training for Faculty and Staff

At-Risk, a free-online training, is available to university faculty and staff to help identify persons experiencing emotional/psychological distress. The interactive training provides information on how to broach the subject of professional counseling and make a referral. To access these resources, please contact us at 336-334-7727.  For more information, please see At-Risk for University or College Faculty.

Safety, Resources, Lived Experience, and Well-being

 Between the COVID-19 pandemic, and social unrest, 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years for many. In the video presentation UMatter Let's Talk: Safety, Resources, Lived Experience, and Well-Being, representatives from Counseling Services, Campus Police, Title IX, and Human Resources discuss lived experiences of traumatic events, identify resources, and provide strategies that promote wellness and safety during difficult times.

Identifying and Helping Students in Distress

The purpose of this PowerPoint presentation is to provide faculty and staff with information about the current mental and emotional health challenges on our college campus and in the nation. Included is information for you to learn signs of when a student is in distress and suggestions for appropriate response. Please see Identifying and Helping Students in Distress for more information.


We are available to design and to implement presentations, programs, or workshops on a wide variety of psychology topics. Counselors are also trained as consultants to work with students, student groups, and academic classes to identify and work toward more effective personal, interpersonal, and organizational/group functioning. Let us know if we can work for you. Request a program by completing the Guest Speaker/Workshop Request Form. Please submit workshop requests at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated workshop date.