BGMM Sections

As the soprano voices of the band, the piccolos bring beautiful brightness, dexterity, and excitement to the Blue and Gold Marching Machine.

The Clarinet section has a beautiful array of color and sound bringing artistry to all voices of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine.

The saxophones are the alto voices of the band, bringing soul and flair to the Blue and Gold Marching Machine!   

The mellophone section brings mellow sound of the horn and its own unique power and finesse to the Blue and Gold Marching Machine. They are a special grade of fuel for the machine! 

The Flugelhorn section brings a unique musical voice to the Blue and Gold Marching Machine. They are very versatile and carry a rich warm tone that supports the band with diverse timbre. 

The trumpet section is the highest in the kingdom of the brasswinds bringing a bright, exciting, and dominating sound to The Blue and Gold Marching Machine.

The trombone section brings a variety of color and power with the versatility of their voicings! They bring the sound of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine alive! 

The baritone/euphonium section is very diverse in their voicing for the Blue and Gold Marching Machine. They bring a beautiful tenor and sometimes alto sound all while displaying concentrated sound projection and power! 

The sousaphones are the bass voices of the band bringing thunderous, melodious, and harmonic tones that support the foundation of the band. 

Cold Steel is a 50 member drumline.  The ensemble provides the rhythmic pulse and cadences for the University marching band.  The percussion section performs for various university activities.  They also perform at events outside of the university.  The ensemble has performed at several elementary, middle, and high schools.  Students of Cold Steel also participate in the symphonic, concert, jazz, and pep bands.

The “Golden Delight” auxiliary squad serves as the “Icing on the Cake” for a very powerful musical entity.  The young women on this squad perform as the band’s majorettes, flagline, and dance squad. The great sounds and performances of the “Marching Machine” are enhanced by the skillful twirling and energetic dances of this group! Consisting of 20-24 young women, Golden Delight performs alongside the instrumentalists at all football games during the fall semester. The spring semester serves as an opportunity for the ladies to exhibit their talents in dance. The squad entertains basketball fans in Corbett Sports arena and travels with the pep band for various community engagements.

Please visit the link below for the latest performance by Golden Delight.