College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Criminal Justice

The mission of the Department of Criminal Justice is to educate students about criminology and the criminal justice system and to prepare them for advanced study and careers in government and the private sector. It has accomplished and talented instructors in law enforcement, criminal justice and forensic science-crime scene investigation.

In addition to offering degrees and a certificate in some of the most popular fields of study in the country, Criminal Justice provides student access to the Geographic Information Systems Laboratory and the Criminal Justice Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Laboratory.

The department also provides extra-curricular outlets to its students, such as the Model United Nations, the E.A. Ralston Criminal Justice Society, Alpha Phi Sigma honorary society and Aggie Sleuths, where students simulate real-life activities as crime scene investigators. Our students engage in internships and participate in ride along experiences with police officers.

Contact or visit us to learn more about what the Department of Criminal Justice can make possible for you.

Dr. George Johnson, Interim Chairperson
Gibbs Hall, Room 223