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Community Garden Stipend Application

Cooperative Extension at NC A&T is excited to offer this Community Garden Collaborative stipend opportunity to Community Garden Leadership Academy (CGLA) graduates throughout North Carolina. NC A&T has been working with North Carolina Community Garden Partners (NCCGP) to bolster the statewide network of community gardens by developing a virtual directory and resource hub.

This year stipends of up to $2000 will be awarded by completing this application. There is no application deadline, they will be reviewed as they come in. Candidates for this stipend must be graduates of CGLA, who want to utilize this stipend to serve at least two existing community gardens. The goal of this stipend opportunity is to support and strengthen collaboration between gardens.

Submit your application with our online form.

Example project expenses include but are not limited to

  • Shared equipment, tools, compost bins, etc.
  • Seed exchanges/seed banks
  • Shared volunteers; shared staff
  • Joint fundraising / giving campaigns
  • Joint crop planning and funding respective seed purchases
  • Communication platform to share information between gardens
  • Facilitators, trainers, consultants, etc. to support gardens jointly

Application Requirements

All applicants MUST be (CGLA) alumni to be eligible for the stipend. A copy of the CGLA certificate of completion is required upon submission Gardens outside of the CGLA alumnus network are eligible to be beneficiaries of the grant, just not lead applicants. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed quarterly. Completed applications with submitted CGLA certification are prerequisites. Incomplete submission may null your eligibility.

The community garden's organizational/tax status will NOT be considered as a criterion for stipend eligibility. In other words, you do not need to be a 501(c)3 non-profit to access funds. All applicable taxes are the sole responsibility of any stipend applying entity.


  • We are committed to sharing our resources equitably, prioritizing groups with limited access to other funding. However, we encourage all gardens in need to apply.  
  • Projects that are clearly collaborative in nature, vs. 2+ gardens splitting the grant 2+ ways to serve themselves individually.
  • Applications that provide clear and detailed answers to each question.
  • Gardens that demonstrate a high level of community engagement and need.
  • Gardens that represent the communities they are in.
  • Projects that try out strategies that can be shared with the network and replicated. 
  • To be competitive, please provide clear and detailed answers to each question. 


You can submit your application online by using our online application.


Alyssa Mckim