Section 1018 of Public Law 116-315, Johnny Isakson and David P. Roe, M.D. Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020, requires educational institutions to make certain disclosures to students using federal military and/or VA education benefits. To ensure compliance with the law, we have developed the Shopping Sheet Information for Student Veterans/Veteran’s Dependents.


Estimated cost of courses including tuition, fees, books, supplies, other additional costs.

The cost of tuition and fees are different if a student is a NC resident or an out of state student. For information on the estimated cost, please visit College Navigator - National Center for Education Statistics. Please note that your final cost depends on you receiving VA benefits to cover for tuition and fees, books/supplies, and housing allowance; any aid to cover for the cost; taking extra courses such as prerequisites; retaking a failed course; changing your program of study which requires more or less credits, change in cost of living; a change in tuition/fees as approved by State Legislature, etc. Students should also visit North Carolina A&T’s web site for tuition/fees/and refund policies.

Estimated cost of living expenses.

Students can look up the estimated cost of living expenses by visiting our Financial Aid (FA) web site at Instructions: On financial aid home page, select Cost of Attendance. 
Students can search by college to determine estimated GI Bill® benefits, housing allowance and book stipend using GI Bill® Comparison Tool: 

Other VA benefit recipients may receive assistance allowances based on training time. Student can view the pay rate on the VA web site at 


Types of Federal financial aid offered by the institution, that the student may be qualified to receive.

Students using veteran education benefits are encouraged to apply for financial aid online at to be considered for federal, state, and institution grants, as well as scholarships. North Carolina A&T’s School Code is 002905. Students can request for a Professional Judgment appeal if there is a reduction in income due to COVID or circumstances beyond students’ control. Student should also check the College Financing Plan on the Aggie Access Student Portal for information regarding their financial aid package. Be sure to visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships page for available aid offers. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 336-334-7973 or for further assistance.

The CFP may not account for all the VA Education Benefits or Military Tuition Assistance you receive. 

Please continue to contact the Office of Veterans & Military Affairs for questions about your VA benefits or Military TA.  The Remote Act does not change the amount of funds you receive for your benefits.  In addition, you are still required to fulfill any requirements to receive your benefits, such as attendance verification.  Students will continue to follow the same processes they have followed in previous semesters to receive their benefits.

Estimated amount of student loan debt upon completion of a degree or certificate.

Students should borrow responsibly. This means only borrowing what you need. Students may borrow (if eligible), between $5,500 to $10,500 per year, depending on grade level in school and your dependency status. Please visit North Carolina A&T’s Financial Aid web site for additional Student Loan information Use My Federal Student Aid account ( to find out how much you own in federal loans.

Graduation Rates for North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University.

Students can access the graduation rates for Ohlone College using College Navigator-National Center for Education Statistics: 

Transfer credits including military credits. 

Students receiving VA education benefits are required to submit their college transcripts/military credits no later than the end of their first semester. All students need to meet with a counselor to determine the process for verification of credits and how those credits are applied to their educational goals.

Program requirements or examinations that are required to obtain a license, certification or approval for which the course of education prepares the individual

Students can visit this page for information about specific program requirements:


Estimated Cost of Attendance. This is not a bill. The Treasurer’s Office will send you a statement.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships establishes standard student budgets yearly as a basis for awarding financial aid funds. A budget or an estimated cost of attendance (COA) is designed to assist students with their educational expenses for the academic year. The budget represents our best estimate of what an average student may spend for one academic year.
The estimates are based on full-time status for both undergraduate and graduate students.  
Tuition (Undergraduate)
In-State       $3,540.00
Out-of-State  $17,050.00
Fees (Undergraduate)
Tuition (Graduate)
In-State       $4,746.00
Out-of-State $17,546.00
Fees (Graduate)
Room and Board 
UG On Campus   $10,708.00
UG Off Campus   $11,676.00
UG Commuter     $  5,000.00
Graduate            $15,657.00
Meal Plan 
Books and Supplies 

Contact Information

Office of Veteran & Military Affairs
  • 336-398-8651
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships 
‘‘GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at"