Financial Aid for Summer School

Eligible students will receive an award beginning in late March indicating their Summer School financial aid based on the number of hours they are registered for during the Summer Sessions. Ineligible students will receive an email providing available options for summer aid.

  • Students must enroll at least half-time to borrow from the Federal Direct Loan Program. Students are encouraged to enroll at least half-time (6 hours for Undergraduate and 3 hours for Graduate) in the first Summer Session. Graduate students must be enrolled in three (3) hours of Graduate-level courses to receive a Federal Direct Student or Graduate PLUS Loan.
  • Financial Aid awards will be based on the number of hours enrolled, residency, and living status. Financial aid may be adjusted if your status changes.
  • Summer School is an extension of the academic year including Fall and Spring semesters. Therefore, you must have a processed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file and have completed the verification process to be considered for summer financial aid. The FAFSA website is
  • Students must be admitted into a degree-seeking program to be eligible for aid.
  • Financial Aid for the Summer Session(s) will be canceled if you are not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of the Spring semester. For students receiving an “F” or “I” during Summer School, aid maybe canceled or reduced and may leave a balance due to the university.
  • Financial Aid may be reduced or canceled for the Summer Session if you drop a course, the course is canceled by University, you never attend or withdraw from courses. You may also be required to repay funds disbursed during the Summer Session.
  • Students must attend Dual, Summer Session I and/or Summer Session II to be eligible for summer financial aid and enroll in the appropriate number of hours.
  • Federal or State financial aid is NOT available for Inter-Session or Pre-Session.
  • Book vouchers are not available for Summer School.
  • Complete verification if selected.
  • Students who want to study abroad need to fill out a summer school application and meet with the Study Abroad Office to determine the site and to develop a budget.

Note: Students (New, Readmitted, & Transfer) enrolling for first or second Summer Session must have a required FAFSA on file by May.

Students who are not eligible for Summer Financial Aid:
• Students not in a degree program;
• Visiting students from another college or university;
• Special students; and
• Students not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Deadline & Payment
Students applying for summer financial aid should be registered for classes before the first week of classes starting and FAFSA submission deadline date of May 1st. It is the student’s responsibility to pay their summer school charges by the established deadline date. Failure to have financial aid posted, memoed, credited or full payment of the summer charges will result in the cancellation of your summer session classes. The University does participate in the payment plan for Summer School. Payments can be set up via the Online Payment System via Aggie Access The student's balance must be paid by financial aid, an outside agency, a university payment plan, cash or credit card.

Students should register for both sessions early. The Summer School Financial Aid Application should be completed by the May 1st priority deadline for Summer Session I and the June 17th priority deadline for Summer Session II, students who are registered for summer classes will receive an email from the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships if they are eligible/ineligible for aid. Students are encouraged to check their A&T email and Aggie Access for updates.